PocketLand tips and tricks

Intro[Pocket Land by Ozguc Yildirim]

This is a fun, addictive puzzle-type game for the iPhone/iPad. The only real downside to the game, I felt, was that there is no building guide. This makes it really easy for people to get stuck at some part of the game. Since this game is pretty new, there aren’t many walkthroughs posted online. Therefore, I’ll post what I’ve gleaned about the game play.

Before you can make anything else, you’ll need to learn to join plants to create better plants until you have created a tree. This introduces you to the type of spacial puzzle that you will re-experience with each of the other resources. Once you have created a tree, you will have some manna to spend; manna enables you to buy other resources.

Now, this is very important: you don’t want to make your board just look like a checkerboard. That will make your game end pretty quickly, because you’ll run out of space. It’s good to keep at least a third of your board wide open, which makes it easy to manipulate and conjoin any particular resource that you need more of.


If you want to get rid of tree stumps, you need fire. Fire can be collected from volcanoes (which is obtained through the combination of rock resources. Mountain + mountain = volcano). It’s better, though, to put a small river next to the tree stumps. With water, trees continually re-grow and give you more manna.

Once you’ve collected fire, you can collect water. To collect water, just make a huge lake/river, click on it, and “burn” it.

Now that you’ve got manna, wood, fire, and water, you will have a new resource: a house. Those combine into castles. Build 4 of the largest castles, and you will unlock gold mines and smelting contraptions. Once you have a few of those set up, you will need to manipulate trees or rock or something, because it only mines gold for you if you are using moves. If you just wait, it doesn’t do anything.


The power of gold is primarily that you can “sell” houses, rock, plants, and castles. This can help to unclutter your board. Now, you’ll also need to plant two pumpkin patches (which don’t combine). Then, with 50 gold, you can buy a marketplace. As far as I can tell, that’s the end of the game. The marketplace and pumpkins don’t actually seem to do anything.

For end game strategy, you gotta know what you’re shooting for. Are you shooting for an aesthetic village? Go for it. But don’t build too many gold mines, smelting plants, pumpkin patches, or marketplaces – those can’t be sold. Once you put them on your board, they stay there for good.

After I finished the game, I did the whole thing again to make a prettier-looking village. The game definitely becomes quite fun and easy.




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