Above Rubies


So, as I was driving the other day, I remembered the Scripture that says:

“Who can find a virtuous wife?
For her worth is far above rubies.”
And then I thought: Well, of *course* she’s worth far more than rubies. Rubies are easy to beat:
Rubies can’t give you a hug.
Rubies can’t go pick up when you’re stranded by the side of some road.
Rubies can’t make you a grilled cheese sandwich.
Rubies won’t ever hold your hand or look into your eyes.
Rubies won’t ever help out with the chores.
Rubies don’t appreciate your jokes.
They aren’t particularly cuddly, and they won’t give you a single kiss.
Rubies will never miss you or worry about you when you’re out of town.
They’ll never surprise you with a gift they know you’ll like.
Heck, they’ll never give you a gift of any type!
They never make interesting conversation.
Rubies will never make you chicken soup or comfort you when you’re sick.
Rubies will never send you sweet texts or emails.
Rubies will never “like” a single one of your statuses.
They won’t watch movies with you.
If you ever said “You don’t understand!” to a ruby, it wouldn’t argue the point.
Rubies will not help you decide how to decorate the Christmas tree.
They don’t have *any* good recipes.
Rubies don’t ever trust you.
Rubies also don’t know how to tell a joke.
But of course, rubies also don’t enjoy your company very much.
Rubies don’t come to visit you when you’re in the hospital.
They don’t even care much whether you live or die.
Rubies will never give you advice about major life decisions.
Rubies won’t help you grow in character.
A ruby would never play a board game with you.
Rubies won’t get ever snuggle close to you or cling to you during a scary film.
Rubies aren’t empathetic, no matter you’re hurting.
Rubies will never play a prank on you, and will never rough house with you.
Rubies don’t play fair; they don’t play at all.
They *never* have good book recommendations.
Rubies don’t have pretty eyes.
Rubies will never read to you in the evening.
They won’t ever hog the covers.
No ruby would bake you chocolate chip cookies.
Rubies are *terrible* at coming up with good riddles.
Rubies have no sense of humor.
Rubies won’t ever appreciate your music.
Rubies won’t ever offer to drive, to let you take a nap.
They will never make you a mix cd.
Rubies will never drink with you, no matter how special the occasion.
Rubies will never tell you a secret.
Rubies won’t ever cry on your shoulder, or come to you for help.
Rubies won’t tell you when you’re wrong.
They won’t reminisce with you about the good ol’ days.
A ruby will never pray for you when you need prayer.
They have no skill when it comes to washing dishes.
Rubies won’t know the lyrics to any of your favorite songs.
Rubies won’t appreciate your good looks.
Rubies would not enjoy going on long walks with you.
Rubies won’t even go and turn off the light when you ask them to.
In short, I think it would be hard for a wife to be *less* valuable than rubies!!!  🙂

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