The Value of Half-Baked Ideas

Once, a friend on facebook took issue with me and chided me severely for an article that I had posted. I didn’t agree with everything that the article claimed, but I had found it an enjoyable and thought-provoking read. My friend was upset that I had posted the article because A – some of the things it said were false, and B – he felt that I was communicating support for these untruths by posting them, and thereby leading to the spread of erroneous ideas.

This point of view is understandable, but my friend didn’t understand how I approach life and ideas. Life is something to be experienced, and ideas are something to wrestle with. Naturally, if one is seeking the truth, it is a good habit to examine facts carefully before accepting them as “truth” or “close to truth” and integrating it into the way one views the world.

I do not expect my friends to read the articles I share online, and then accept them as truth simply because a person they know (me) posted it! I would be firmly opposed to such a thing. People should weigh ideas carefully before they accept them, and should do their own research and read up on the opposing viewpoint. Therefore, I don’t share an article in order to lend it credence! I share an article if I think it would be enjoyable, amusing, or thought-provoking. Those are the three reactions that I aim for.

Similarly, when I post thoughts on my blog, it’s not because I have accepted those thoughts as “truth” and am ready to defend them. It’s because sometimes I find my thoughts interesting, amusing, or fun to think about.

Some ideas and mental pictures are thought-provoking. They are fun and inviting; they tease your brain and motivate you to think, to ponder, to research, and to explore life and figure out another aspect of reality. And that’s an adventure I love to have.

I see the invitation to explore the truth as a good thing. Therefore, any ideas that lead me to think about and mentally explore truth are *helpful* ideas, even if they are not true ideas. And therefore they are worth passing along and sharing, so that more people can be invited to mentally explore different ideas and concepts.


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