The Story of the Lackadaisical Grain Gatherer

A Bold Tale of Generosity

There was once a worker, gathering grain and fruit in the fields, at harvest time. This took place at a time in history when the poor of the country were allowed to avoid starving by going through fields that had already been harvested, and gathering whatever produce was left behind.
This specific worker was happy and carefree as he made his way up and down the rows, gathering up bushels of this or that. Moreover, he habitually dropped lots of grain around, and left many pieces of fruit on the trees, as he haphazardly grabbed this or that piece of produce. Poor people loved the fields were he worked.
But of course, the owner of the field was able to take and sell LESS produce than he’d have been able to with a more systematic, less “wasteful” worker. So, was this a simple case of an irresponsible gatherer, who no field owner would want to hire?  A re-distributer of wealth, who is supported by the poor but hated by those who get the short end of the stick?
No. The worker was the owner of the field, joyfully helping with the work of the harvest, and cheerfully leaving behind a generous portion of his field’s produce for the poor.
The End

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